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Search Engine Marketing Services in Kerala

In today's world, the amount of online buyers is increasing. Majority of the customers start by exploring and shopping for products on the search engines. If you are still doubtful regarding search engine marketing as a portion of your business’s branding strategy, you are missing out on a critical strategy which will help you in increasing your company’s reach.

Search engine marketing (SEM) uses paid search ads to increase website traffic through desktop or mobile web search. Search Engine Marketing is almost equal to SEO. The main difference is SEO is free and SEM is a paid ad service where we have to pay to publishers/media (ex: Google Adwords) to gain visibility for your ads immediately. The power of SEM over SEO is that usually SEO needs time to rank on the first page of Google but Paid Search Marketing will rank instantly i.e as quick as the next day when once your ads are set. You will be debited only if someone clicks your ads and no price will be paid if no one clicks your ads. With Pay Per Click advertising, placement of an ad is defined by two things: the maximum an advertiser bids for clicks, and the Quality Score i.e., the relevance of the ad, keywords, and landing page content.

With Vibrand's professional and top-notch search engine marketing services, we will ensure that your business gains higher-visibility online and also stays fit in the market. Vibrand is a notable Search Engine Marketing agency that delivers end-to-end assistance to provide your business with the winning edge. We present a fast, easy and cost-effective solution to get an even stream of traffic on your website.

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Be visible across the web

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Display ads help you directly reach your customers without waiting for them to discover you using a keyword. It is very much essential that it converts instantly for you.

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Allows you to display your video ads on YouTube which is the second largest search engine next to Google. Your ads can appear in the YouTube search results or before, during, and after videos.

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In search ads, when a user searches for a particular keyword your text Ad appears on google's results page that increases the possibilities of generating quality leads to your business.

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You can promote your iOS or Android app on Google Search pages, YouTube, Google Play and more encouragingly to reach your specific customers interested in apps similar to yours.

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Google Shopping Ads are utilised by eCommerce businesses. These ads appear in google's search engine results and improve in driving website traffic at lower costs.

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Use the remarketing service to reconnect with your earlier visitors who visited your website using targeted ads that make your customers call, visit, or perform a purchase.

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Understanding the specific target audience

PPC search campaign strategy

Choosing the right keywords to target

Writing compelling advertisements

Campaign set-up

Bid management and ROI tracking

Landing page optimization and development

Campaign management and analysis

Why choose Vibrand Digital Solutions LLP?

Vibrand Digital Solutions LLP is one of the leading Pay Per Click Advertising agencies in Kannur, Kerala that concentrates on your victory as a whole. Whether you desire to improve conversions, boost website traffic, or both, our PPC management services can support you to reach your goals. We professionally handle your Paid Advertising Campaigns by making every click count. At Vibrand Digital Solutions LLP, we have a team of paid advertisement managing experts who help in driving targeted traffic to boost online sales and revenue, which makes us the best Search engine marketing company in Kannur, Kerala.

Now, are you ready to grow your business?

We are PPC Management Experts

Low-Risk Contracts

Get More for your Money

Why are Paid Ads necessary for your business?



PPC is the best cost-effective technique to promote your business. You pay when the user clicks your ad.

Boost Revenue

Paid Advertising concentrates on boosting traffic to your website, the powerfulness of landing pages, and ad budget.


Pay Per Click ads are correctly targeted but an expert team can do it way better to reach your targeted audience.

Deliver Fast Results

PPC Advertising delivers quick results by performing correctly and constant monitoring of your PPC campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing FAQs

What type of returns can I expect from doing search engine marketing services?

Search engine marketing will have a direct impact on the leads that you have generated for your business. Furthermore, your website traffic will increase and you will be receiving more calls on the phone number used in your ad campaigns.

Which platform will be used for search engine marketing?

We will be working on the biggest platform for search engine marketing, which is Google. Here your ads will be advertised in Google search results, and in Google search partner networks, as well as in display networks containing millions of websites.

Is it possible to choose specific demographics for my ad campaigns?

Yes, absolutely it is possible. We can create your campaigns to choose particular demographic details as needed. Some of the aspects involve age, location, gender, specific interests, the device being utilised, and related additional features. We also can also set up ads to operate only on particular days and also during specific hours.

How can I measure the performance of my search engine marketing campaign?

We will be providing you with the detailed reports on daily, weekly, and monthly basis to keep a track of the amount consumed and the number of sales/leads/enquiries/calls were generated for the price you have spent. This will offer you a precise idea of how the campaign is operating and whether you are gaining the desired results.

How can you guarantee that I get more leads and calls through search engine marketing campaigns?

We adopt multiple search engine marketing procedures to assure your ads receive the highest amount of clicks and users seeing your ad send a query concerning your products or services. We accomplish this aim by creating eye-catching and informative ads which give accurate knowledge about your products and services.


Vibrand Digital Solutions-Digital marketing-logo design-ICONS
Vibrand Digital Solutions-Digital marketing-logo design-ICONS