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Creator ‘Media Kit’ option takes Instagram to the next level

In a move to secure more influencer marketing deals, Instagram continues to work on creating a new in-app “Media Kit” creation option for talent.

Last month, Instagram began testing the option, but now appears to have moved onto the next stage with a new welcome screen, and a breakdown of how it works. Instagram has now added a new intro flash screen to its Media Kit, which it is now calling ‘Creator Portfolio’ instead, as shown in the screenshot below provided by Alessandro Paluzzi.

Instagram notes that creators can share their profile directly with potential partners in-app with the Creator Portfolio over the Creator Marketplace listing. Instagram, is experimenting with the feature, but it remains an internal prototype for now. With this push, Instagram hopes to attract more creative talent, instead of letting them drift off to TikTok or YouTube. In recent days, Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri informed his team that the app is falling behind on various key metrics related to its creator push. Perhaps IG still has a few tricks up its sleeve to keep its creator push afloat, and to get more talent sharing their latest content on the app rather than on other video platforms. The task ahead of it will be tough. The company might still be able to turn things around with some exclusive creator deals. A reckoning for the ‘Creator Economy’ is coming as the truth – that 99% of creators will never make any significant money – is about to unravel the entire movement.

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