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Instagram’s Reels Monetization – Making Simple for Creators:

We know that the most popular feature of Instagram in this current era is Reels. Reels are short videos that help in achieving attention from viewers very easily. There is much importance in using reels. Using tools like the Instagram reel maker simplifies the process. It helps to build a community as well as help your business to reach out to a large number of people. 

Now, Instagram is working on a new option making earning money from reels easy for creators.  This will be a key factor as the demand and competition for using reels are increasing day by day.

Here, Instagram is enabling the creators to add ads in the reels. From these ads, they can create monetization from Instagram. Reel users can sign up for overlay ads to appear on their clips. Your Reels display would be invaded by ad content. So that direct monetization could be facilitated as well, thus making earnings without your own brand deals or partnership.

This is a great threat to TikTok, as here it needs to come up with more creative ways to monetize, which requires greater effort on the path of the creator. 

But when it comes to YouTube, by simply ticking a box YouTubers can become part of the YouTube Partner Program and earn a lot more money without taking any extra effort. On Youtube, ads may appear on uploaded videos. According to YouTube’s data, you get paid based on views. If you get more views, you’ll get more money. 

Making monetizing content as easy as possible for creators is vital, and Instagram would do well to observe the response it gets if it does roll the program out to creators.

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