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Make Your Google People Card – “Add Me To Search”

Now getting noticed in Google is as simple as typing in the following query: “Add Me To Google”. This query will help you to create a Google People Card. A Google people card can help you establish a presence on the search engine. You must submit a people card that contains your relevant information like name, profession, address, website address, and much more. Your card will then be discovered by people using Google Search results when they search for you.

For making it possible, all you need is a mobile with an internet connection, Google Account, and also turn on the Web & Option in your account settings.
The following steps will help you to create a “Google People Card”.

To ensure your people card stays on top of Google’s search results, keep it up-to-date. The data you have shared in your people card can be edited and changed at any time. You might need to wait a few hours for your people card to appear in search results. It is important to note that Google does not guarantee that all of your cards will be visible. In addition, the more information you provide, the more likely your card will be displayed in search results.

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