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Why SEO Is Important For Marketing?

Why SEO Is Important For Marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process that helps in improving the visibility of your website or webpage in a Search Engine while customers search for your business products. You will get more attention by increasing the visibility of your website that results in an overwhelmed number of customers.

SEO is an elementary part of digital marketing. Search is the main origin of digital traffic, that is, for getting detailed results of products or services, the customers make an abundant number of searches on the internet.

1. Visibility and Rankings

While the customers browse for certain products or services, they are more likely to choose the top 5 suggestions that appear on the search engine. So getting more visibility as well as ranking SEO helps us.

2. Web Traffic

Sales possibilities are missing, when possible customers can’t find your website. SEO improves your natural search engine traffic that is one at a time, it increases the number of visitors your page views each day. This immediately corresponds to an increase in businesses – because the more people that see your website, the more possible you are to sell them.

3. Trustworthy

If your SEO rates are better, your site can appear higher on the search engines like google, bing, etc. While rating higher on search engines, is fascinating to all types because, on improved visibility, a derived benefit is the trust you gain with possible customers.

4. User Experience

If we build a well-developed website, it will definitely help the customers to understand the detailings of products as well as services very clearly. So creating an attractive, responsive, and user-friendly website is one of the fundamental key factors for building popularity among users. Hence making the interface more enthusiastic will make users recommend it to other people also.

5. Growth

SEO helps in the growth of your brands. Your growth and integrity increase when people start trusting your services. This results in making your brands more valuable. When it comes to growth, it requires lots of hardwork and is never easy to do. It involves how your business is operated, how you are managing your services, and also depends on the promotion of your brand, services, or products that lead into sales.


  • ON-PAGE SEO: On-Page SEO is also known as On-Site SEO. To improve search visibility as well as traffic, the web pages use specific Keywords. On-Page SEO is the practice of improving the contents of the webpage. Common On-page SEO methods involve optimizing title tags, content, internal links, image optimisations and URLs.

  • OFF-PAGE SEO: Off-Page SEO is also known as Off-Site SEO. Off-page SEO covers all SEO schemes that take place outside of your website. There are many Off-Page SEO schemes that you use to achieve competitive benefits. Link building is considered as the main off-page scheme that includes content marketing, social media, creating local quotations, etc.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO has both advantages and disadvantages. As it is one of the most important tools for making higher ranks, SEO has its drawbacks. Listed Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of SEO


1. Free

SEO is completely free of cost. It purely depends on how much time you spend researching the keywords and how you are utilizing them.

2. Customer Friendly

The customers can easily find your website by only performing good SEO. If the website is more responsive and user-friendly, the customers discover the buy button soon to make a purchase on your website.

3. Localized Traffic

SEO too can improve your localized traffic.

4. Mobile Friendly

There is no latency for customers (Mobile Users) if your site is more responsive.


1. Targeted by Competitors

If your site is very effective, you will be definitely competed or targeted by others, who want a segment of the SEO tart, which means you’re always on your toes.

2. Penalties

We require some financial investments to be always on top. For example, Websites that haven’t been promoted to responsive layout will be penalized.

3. Slow Results

SEO is not a quick-moving process. It may take days, weeks, or sometimes months to see the results that you updated.

4. Changes

Even if your ranking is higher today there is a chance for the degradation of rank the very next day, that is SEO can change.

5. No Promises

SEO does not promise results. You may have made updates on the website as well as contents and still, it’s not found. So make sure you are doing it by expert professionals in SEO.


The objective of SEO is to give search engines what they want. There exist a lot of tools that help in making higher ranks but most of this cannot be done all at once, but as your site grows, it can be done incrementally. The two main important goals of SEO are to improve traffic and to reach the top of search engine results. SEO is beneficial for marketers because they do not have to spend on web traffic from organized ads. Another important feature about SEO is it provides endless and real-time penetrations about the online way of the users.

Search engine optimization managed well can have the potential to dramatically improve the amount of traffic that a website receives, but not only that won’t help grow a business unless it turns into paying clients. It’s where Conversion rate Optimisation (CRO) comes in. CRO includes using techniques such as A/B Testing to make updations to websites and estimate the impact they have on a website’s Conversion rate.

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