Twitter Enabling Editing Option

People who come across Twitter may have noticed that Twitter does not have tweet editing options. If we need to edit the tweet, the only way is to delete the existing post and put another one.  

But here is some better news, Twitter is going to enable editing options. In the past, there was no editing option because they found it as giving a wrong message if changes are made in the existing post. 

Casey Newton, the founder, and editor of Platformer has cited that: “The tweets-are-sacred crowd’s biggest fear, so far as I can tell, is that someone will use the editing feature maliciously to make those who liked or retweeted the original tweet look terrible. For example, a picture of an adorable puppy might be edited, after it has been retweeted thousands of times, to display a picture of something deeply offensive, such as the president of the United States.” 

Editing Tweets will not edit the existing post, but it will retweet the same post with the edited version in its place. And users can go and check the original message. As a result, this element is less likely to cause trouble. Thus they are enabling an “Edit history” log within each tweet.

Here, the people can edit the tweet completely but that brings a chance of crisis. It’s unlikely that people will re-check something once they’ve tweeted it. But it could at least offer people a way out if they are criticized for retweeting a message that is later changed. 

While observing the movements related to this feature, it seems like they are gonna bring this feature soon. This will be useful but like all other things, it will be accepted and become a part of it habitually.  

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