Vibrand Digital Solutions- WhatsApp introducing Ads?

Is WhatsApp Introducing Ads

WhatsApp is an Internationally available Messaging app that uses the internet to send text messages, photos, audio, videos, etc. WhatsApp was launched in 2009, more than 2 billion people are currently using WhatsApp in this present era. Within these years WhatsApp’s features have changed a lot. So many interesting features including message reactions, making your stickers, even payment methods are launched on WhatsApp.

Recently, WhatsApp is going to Introduce WhatsApp Ads. But the thing is you cannot simply advertise on WhatsApp instantly. With the help of Facebook only, you can start sharing your ads on WhatsApp.

Let’s see how can we create WhatsApp Ads:

A business that uses social media platforms for promoting its services, has gained a tremendous audience so far. By creating ads and creative content, every business will be able to increase its sales and Brand Awareness.  

So by setting up Facebook Ads on Whatsapp, you will be able to connect with more customers and grow your business effectively.

Vibrand Digital Solutions- How social media helps local business

How Social Media Helps Local Business

How Social Media Helps Local Business?

Social Media is a platform where we can share our ideas, thoughts, information, etc through a network. We can communicate with one another and share data like videos, photos, documents, and so on. 

Popular Social Media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

There are mainly five types/tools of Social Media. They are:

Now, let’s see how social media supports businesses in building their business and increasing sales.


Social Media helps local businesses in many ways. Creating a profile, engaging with the audience, posting content, and ad campaigns will help your business reach more people and increase your sales.

Let's See What Are The Main Five Benefits Of Social Media For Businesses

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Introducing a Brand and being recognized by someone is known as Brand Awareness. Around 5 Billion people are using Social media in this world. So it is the best platform where you can introduce your brand or product to the customers. Being visual, consistent, and creating ads and paid campaigns can make you more potential in expanding brand awareness.

2. Increase Sales

We already know that our customers are on the social media platform. We just need to reach them with good content and brand awareness. Eventually, this will help in increasing your sales. The only thing you need to do is target the right audience and get them positively engaged with your messages. For more sales leads, engage with your current and potential customers as it is the most effective marketing tool.

3. Improve Customer Service

Creating good customer relations and managing them flawlessly will exactly lead to success in your business. Even customers can easily clear their doubts and inquiries through social media easily. They can directly message, put comments under the posts. The only thing you need to do is always make your presence available to the customers.

4. Increase Your Visibility

Spending time on social media and sharing viral and informative content, engaging posts will help you increase your brand visibility. Research the exact keywords, hashtags related to the content of your post to reach more potential customers. You can also expand your engagement and visibility by sharing video content.

5. Develops Your Brand

From the above tactics, you can efficiently develop your brand. You can reach specific goals also by connecting with influencers, simply advertising your content, etc. 

You can easily understand the significance of Social Media for your businesses from this article. There exist many more advantages to social media. By using these platforms in an effective manner, you can readily get your audience, increase your sales, and develop your business.

Vibrand Digital Solutions- Facebook chnaged their Company name to Meta

Facebook changed their company name to ‘META’

The Co-Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the name of Facebook Company has changed to “META”. This rebranding of such a huge social Company reveals their ubiquitous objectives related to ‘Metaverse’, a connection that is almost associated with all its products. 

They stated that “they changed the name to bring the company’s “apps and technologies under one new company brand”.

With the help of the internet, people can buy, or sell their products on a shared platform is referred to as ‘Metaverse’. The next future growth of social connections will be depended on Metaverse. 

Mark Zuckerberg aims to bring metaverse to people, to show their commitments to the future. From Today onwards, Facebook and its family members like WhatsApp and Instagram, even the Reality labs that are developing metaverse also will be owned by ‘Meta’. Meta(Facebook), is investing almost $10 billion in Reality labs this year, for building Metaverse. 

A new sign is revealed by the Company, a logo with a blue-infinity shape.

‘Like’ Button was represented by a thumbs-up sign. The thumbs-up sign will be replaced by the logo with a blue-infinity shape.

Why they are building Metaverse?

Usually, people communicate through mobile apps, Now with the idea of Metaverse, they can feel the closeness of each other, which makes it more immersing. This platform ensures more security and safety, easy for people to move from one platform to another, can create their own space, etc. Anyone can get into metaverse using mobile phones, computers, or any other VR platform. 

Mark Zuckerberg stated that: ” In the metaverse, you’ll be able to do almost anything you can imagine — get together with friends and family, work, learn, play, shop, create — as well as completely new experiences that don’t fit how we think about computers or phones today”.

Their intention is to reach billions of people worldwide within 10 years, hosting money with digital commerce, providing jobs for many producers and innovators. The ultimate intention of Metaverse will be the closeness you feel with another human being or another space in this social platform. The utmost goal of social technology is nothing but the true presence of two people, making their time spent there more valuable and better.

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Facebook ‘Accidentally’ Banned #ResignModi Hashtag; Govt says Din’t Ask For It

Facebook ‘Accidentally’ Banned #ResignModi Hashtag; Govt says Din’t Ask For It

Amid a rise in coronavirus cases, few netizens took to social media to criticize the government and demand Prime Minister Narendra Modi to step down over the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic on its platform with a hashtag #ResignModi.

The hashtag #ResignModi was trending on social media. Subsequently, Social media giant Facebook blocked the #ResignModi hashtag for several hours on Wednesday, 28 April, censoring over 12,000 posts critical of the ruling BJP government, as the second stream of COVID-19 turned into a disastrous public health danger in the country.

The Facebook users who tried to view the hashtag were flashed with a notice saying that such posts had been “temporarily hidden here” as some content in those posts went against the website’s “Community Standards.”

In a statement provided to The Verge late on Wednesday, Facebook said it has now replaced the posts and the hashtag was blocked “by mistake”. “We temporarily blocked this hashtag by mistake, not because the Indian government asked us to, and have since restored it,” a Facebook spokesperson said. Facebook also stated that the block was the effect of some of the content that used the hashtag, “but did not specify what kind of content”.